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Why Depression in Later Life is Often Overlooked

Depression can occur at any age, but it’s often overlooked in adults 65 and older—a population that is expected to soar to 72 million by the year 2030.

In her new book Depression in Late Read More >

Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

"Big Data" Studies Help in Fight Against Alzheimer's

Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital have used a powerful tool to better understand the progression of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD), identifying its first physi Read More >

I can do it
Mental & Emotional Health

Thinking “I can do better” Improves Performance

Telling yourself “I can do better” really can really make you do better at a given task, according to a study published in June 2016 in Frontiers in Psychology.

A release from the publis Read More >

Pain Management (Knee Pain, Back Pain, Stomach Pain)

The Illness of Chronic Pain

A sprained ankle can be a real pain.  But injuries like sprains, bone fractures, pulled muscles, cuts, and even minor burns are everyday pain and a normal part of life.  While the pain ma Read More >

Living Well


The Dangers of Multitasking

We’re all beyond busy these days. Whether we’re texting while we’re waiting in line, or decluttering and cleaning the house at the same time, doing it constantly can take a toll on us in a nu Read More >


Staying Hydrated in The Heat

Editor’s note: It’s always good to stay hydrated, but it’s absolutely essential in the hot weather, where you can become thirsty without even realizing it. Here, from the experts at Go4Life, Read More >

hospital bills
Money Matters

Even with Insurance, a Hospital Visit May Cost $1,000 or More

Even if you have what you might think of as good health insurance, your next hospital stay could cost you more than $1,000 out of your own pocket.

And that amount has gone up sharply in rece Read More >


Dating After 50: Why You Should Go Offline

Navigating the online dating world can be intimidating – and for newly single women over 50, it presents its own set of challenges. Sites like eHarmony and Match are brimming with photos of 20-so Read More >


Diet & Nutrition

Harvard’s HT Chen Nutrition Source Repeats: Butter Is Not Back

On June 29th 2016, a systematic review and meta-analysis looking at the association of butter consumption with chronic disease and all-cause mortality made headlines that sound strikingl Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

Pomegranate’s Powerful Anti-Aging Secret Revealed

Are pomegranates really the superfood we’ve been led to believe will counteract the aging process? Up to now, scientific proof has been fairly weak. And some controversial marketing tactics have Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

The Five Best Weight-Loss Programs (That Aren't Fads)

Whenever I kick off a new fitness regimen, it’s not just about a new form of cardio or training. It’s also about my diet. I’m determined to find just the right concoction to help me achieve o Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

Pasta is Not Fattening!

In recent years pasta gained a bad reputation: it will fatten you. This led lots of people to limit its consumption, often as part of some aggressive “do it yourself” diets. Now a study conduct Read More >


walking business meeting

Walking Meetings Could Mean Healthier Lives for Office Workers

Changing just one seated meeting per week at work into a walking meeting increased the work-related physical activity levels of white-collar workers by 10 minutes, according to research published b Read More >


Go for Your Own Gold

The summer Olympics begin one month from today.  As the world watches sports like triathlon, cycling, swimming and more, many of those who cheer on the champs are inspired and motivated themse Read More >


Helping a Loved One Get Active

Editor’s note: We all know the benefits of exercise, but sometimes it’s difficult even to just get going. If we see that a friend or loved one needs to do that, it might be difficult to hold ba Read More >

empty park bench

Parks Are Seldom Used by Older People

Neighborhood parks across the United States are geared primarily toward younger people, limiting their use by adults and seniors, but surprisingly attract fewer female youth as well, according to a Read More >


What Goes into A Good Fitness Plan?

Everyone knows it’s healthy to exercise regularly. But without a plan, one that tracks activity and helps keep you motivated, that can be difficult to keep up.

Why is a plan so important? Read More >



How to Survive — and Thrive — After a Divorce

The desire to follow our passions and find excitement in life doesn’t dissipate as we age.

In recent years, I’ve met with many seniors who are still eager to expand their horizons. Wheth Read More >


How to Cope with Caregiver Stress

On October 30, 1993, my father suffered a debilitating stroke. The next day he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My mother, who was suffering with macular degeneration, osteoporosis, congestive h Read More >

Happy older
Relationships & Love

Five Ways to Maintain a Grateful Harmony in Your Relationship

“What If…”  We’ve asked this question many times, sometimes in our heads and sometimes to each other. As college sweethearts, we separated because of a lack of maturity and communicati Read More >


5 Things to Consider Before Your First Empty Nest Vacation

The kids are gone and you and your mate find yourselves going on your first trip as “empty nesters.” No more choosing your destination based on what your kids want (and don’t want!) to do. Yo Read More >

Relationships & Love

Chivalry May Not Be Dead when It Comes to Morality

Although women have made substantial strides toward equality with men, most people are still likelier to sacrifice a man rather than a woman when it comes to saving lives and pursuing self-interest Read More >


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