Lucille Ball Auction & Family Drama

Some personal items of the late comedienne Lucille Ball, who rose to great fame during the 1950s, will be sold at an auction this Saturday in Beverly Hills, CA. These items include love letters and lifetime achievement awards.

The auction was initiated by Susie Morton, the widow of Balls second husband Gary Morton. However, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, the first daughter of Ball and Desi Arnaz, attempted to put a halt to the auction by bringing it to court. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien agreed to block the sale, but on the condition that Luckinbill could pay $250,000 to put a restraining order on the auction. Unfortunately, Balls daughter will be unable to pay the fee and the auction is scheduled to go on. Morton consigned the items to Heritage Auction Galleries, who has received documentation from her affirming her right to sell the items.

Luckinbill claims that these items are rightfully hers, but Morton asserts that Luckinbill had forfeited her right to the items after her mother's estate was distributed.

Upon obtaining the items, Luckinbill had intended to donate them to a museum honoring her famous mother.

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