Older Women and Sex: Cougars Take Control in the Bedroom

Older women and sex ... it's more common than you think. In fact, it's not just TV's Sex And The City girls who have a frisky sex drive in their 40s. In real life, older women may not be at it like Samantha, but they're having more and better sex than their younger sisters.

Or, at least, according to research by American psychologists, it's the 27 to 45-year-old ladies who have the best sex lives.

Even if we're not doing it, we're thinking about it. Allegedly it's all because of women's old enemy, that ever-ticking biological clock.

It speeds up and so does their libido as menopause looms and they decide it's now or never for a fling, an affair or the fulfilment of a fantasy.

Wham, bam and thank you Sam.

Me, I'm not entirely convinced. For one thing, I shouldn't think there will be an awful lot of 27-year-olds who consider themselves "older women," even if their fertility is undeniably on the wane.

But I'll concede that today's 40 somethings probably enjoy themselves more in and out of the bedroom than their mums and grans did when they hit the big Four-O.

The big word, however, is "probably."

Previous generations may not have talked about sex as much as this one, but that doesn't mean they didn't do it.

Sex used to be a private pleasure and not a topic of polite conversation.

What is certain is that 40 is no longer a date to be either feared or dreaded, when once upon a time, a woman was expected to tidy her hopes, dreams and sexuality away in a drawer.

These days it could be argued 40-plus is when a woman hits her prime, knowing what she wants and not afraid to ask for it.

Maybe that IS more and better sex and if it is, good luck to her.

We need only look around us at the number of successful and selfconfident women of a certain age and beyond, from Kylie Minogue to Elle Macpherson, who could still give girls 20 years their junior a run for their money -- and also their men. And, of course, they are doing the latter.

We now have the phenomena of the Cougar, the older woman who romances a much younger man and isn't ashamed to flaunt or marry him. Step in Courteney Cox's newly-divorced Jules Cobb in Cougar Town. In September, New Tricks star Amanda Redman, 52, will be only the latest to follow the trend when she finally ties the knot with her long time squeeze, 40-year-old Damien Schnabel who, sheinsists, is actually infinitely more mature than she is. As the Cougar's patron saint, the incomparable Joan Collins said, when someone asked her about the 33-year age gap between her and her husband Percy Gibson: "If he dies, he dies." But the phenomena isn't something reserved as it once was for the rich and famous. More ordinary women have decided that age is just a number, so why shouldn't they help themselves to a little of whatever they fancy, even if he is young enough to be their son? It helps, too -- sorry boys -- that women now age not only better than they used to in the pre-Botox times but better than many men of their own vintage. They look after themselves in the way the average gent on the whole doesn't, perhaps because until fairly recent times, the gents didn't have to. They relaxed and let it all hang out, including their beer belly. So surely it's not too surprising if some women have turned to a six pack and younger men, who are are more in tune with what modern women want. They know they've got to work a lot harder at attracting the opposite sex. But many of them can also find women of their own age frightening. The ladettes who hang around in girl gangs and who can drink any bloke under the table are not always what every new lad wants. So who can blame him if he prefers to be a Cougar's virile pretty play thing than a younger woman's after thought? Older women can be kinder, less intimidating and, yes, perhaps more grateful with it!// var ranNum = Math.round(Math.random()*1000000); document.write('http://content.yellowbrix.com/images/content/cimage.nsp?ctype=full_story&story_id=147154487&id=thirdage&ip_id=ProQuest&source_id=Daily+Record%3B+Glasgow+%28UK%29&category=Entertainment&random=' + (ranNum));// ]]>//
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