Women Over 40 Are Front and Center

Remember when women over 40 were considered old? Magazines were always covered with pictures of perky 20-somethings. But times they are a-changin'. Old is now gold. At least that's what top fashion magazine editors are hoping readers will say after seeing this year's crop of September issues, which feature an overwhelming number of 40-plus actresses on the cover.

  • Vogue landed 44-year-old Halle Berry (who also appears in Revlon ads)
  • Glamour got Jennifer Lopez, 41, (rocking leopard print harder than any 20-something we've ever seen)
  • Elle scored Julia Roberts, 42 (who is also in ads for Lancome)
  • Harper's Bazaar features Jennifer "I-don't- neednostinkin'-man-to-have-a-child" Aniston, 41
  • Essence put Naomi Campbell, 40, and Iman, 55, on their cover to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

What gives?
"I love that they've grown into their style," Harper's Bazaar features director Laura Brown told The Hollywood Reporter. "One of the things about getting older is you do grow into your sense of self."

There's a power that comes with age -- a bigger pay check, the ability to be pickier with projects, well-connected friends and the wisdom that comes from decades in the business. These actresses seem down-to-earth -- Berry, Lopez and Roberts all talk about motherhood, exercise and spirituality, all topics women of their age discuss with girlfriends. Points scored for accessibility, even if they are wearing skintight Dolce leopard-print jeans. "These women are ageless. It's about what projects they're working on," says Susan Cernek, executive online editor fashion/beauty for Glamour.com. "Age fades into the background."

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