Bed Bugs Found in Victorias Secret

Bed bugs are becoming more of a problem in households, appearing in large amounts in many parts of the country. Problems with the bugs have been reported in Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, and New York. They can be found virtually in any environment worldwide.

Recently, bed bugs were even discovered throughout the metropolitan New York City. The Manhattan location for Victorias Secret discovered the insects in isolated areas on Saturday. Earlier this month, outbreaks were also reported at other stores in SoHo and the South Street Seaport.

Because the bugs are easily transmitted to different places, the insects can easily show up in your own home.

Your health

The insects pose a potential public health problem. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, they feed upon the blood of warm-blooded animals typically people and animals. When they feed, they sip a few drops of blood, and in the process inject a bit of saliva into the skin of the host.

Increased exposure to bed bugs may allow a person to become sensitized, and more bites can result in allergic reactions. Because a bed bug bite looks like the bite of other insects, like mosquitoes, it can be hard to identify specifically.

Typical treatments include antihistamines and corticosteroids to lower the affect of inflammation and allergic reaction.

Bed bugs are not known to transmit infections. Managing the insects Bed bugs are easily transferred from one place to another, as they can easily hide on ones belongings or even clothes, so it is safe to say they can easily show up in your home. Ways to control and reduce an infestation is to reduce clutter in your household this reduces hiding spaces for the bugs. Thoroughly cleaning your residence will also get rid of the bugs. Often, the bugs will hide in small crevices within furniture. Of course, it is also highly suggested you contact a licensed pest control operator. Remember to contact a licensed operator and ask for references as well as customers about their experiences before agreeing to a contract.
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