I want to get a tattoo for my mom, but what?
My mom is dying of symantic dementia and since I was 14 I've wanted to get a tattoo. I am 18 now. I figure why not get one in memory of my mom! She likes daffodils ALOT and dream catchers. I was thinking maybe a qoute of how life can change in a blink of an eye or something but I can't think of one. I want it on my upper back but an open for ANY ideas. Nothing too extreme but it can be kinda big. I want it to have meaning and also not your "usual" tattoo.Any ideas?I either want a GOOD qoute or a REALLY UNIQUE tattoo of daffodils or a dream catcher. i don't want to put her name or the word mom.
Posted 3 years ago in Other by Chairblue


you could put her name next to a daffodil or :MOM: oh and color it her fave color :) best place u can put it is in ur chest next to ur heart :) i wouldnt know of any "" but hopefully this helps...
if i call for you will you come love heart daffodils im sure any of these tattoo will show how much you love her
get her to write out i love u out take it to ur tattoo artist and he or she will be able to tatt her handwriting on u

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