in the movie the notebook what does Ally suffers from Alzheimer or dementia?
I need to write a paper about a character with a psychological disorder
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She suffers from Alzheimers Disease.
I believe it is far deeper than Dementia---it is Alzheimer's. If you want to do some research, President Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's disease and you could probably Google some info on that. Also, Maria Shriver's father who recently passed away had Alzheimer's, and she wrote about it. HBO ran a remarkable series on Alzheimer's disease that covered the victims of it, families who inherit it, the caregivers, the science. Finally, the beautiful actress from the Forties, Rita Hayworth, got Alzheimer's Disease before it was discovered as a disease and people just thought she was a bit insane. Her daughter wrote of that experience. To educate you on this disorder, I have enclosed HBO's website on Alzheimer's so that you can learn a bit more and this understanding will help you develop your character.
She had dementia, because she could remember her love of Noah just before she died. and if you had alzheimer she could not, I worked 8 yrs with these type of people.

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Alzheimer's disease is a progressive condition that destroys brain cells. It is the most common cause of Dementia. People with this disease slowly lose the ability to learn, function, and remember.

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