Wrinkle Prevention With CoQ10

It's no secret that most people under 30 are blessed with smooth, wrinkle-free skin. What isn't well known is that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may be the reason why. If you haven't heard about CoQ10's ability to combat deep wrinkles, the cosmetic industry has. So it's no surprise that this novel nutrient has been showing up in a variety of moisturizers, night creams, and serums.

CoQ10 is a fat-soluble vitamin-like nutrient found in every cell in the body -- and it's crucial for cellular energy production. It is also a powerful antioxidant that mops up harmful free radicals and regenerates vitamin E.

The human body has the ability to make its own CoQlO. The problem is that after age 35, production levels decline -- just when your skin needs it most to stave off the signs of aging. While some foods, including beef, spinach, sardines, tuna and peanuts, can provide dietary CoQ10, high cooking temperatures can destroy up to 30 percent of its nutritional value. Fortunately, products rich in CoQ10 can fill in the gaps and keep you looking radiant and more youthful after six months.

What It Does
CoQ10 works on many levels to combat the visible signs of aging. In one study, German researchers found that applying CoQ10 topically on a long-term basis could reduce those dreaded crow's feet.

Another study, done by the Institute of Anti-Aging Research and performed at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, looked at the antiaging potential of idebenone -- a lower molecular form of CoQ10. Forty-one women with sun-damaged skin used a cream that contained either idebenone or a placebo. After six weeks, the idebenone group had 26 percent less skin roughness and dryness and a 29 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Better yet, there was a 37 percent increase in skin hydration, a 33 percent improvement in the health of their skin, and an increase in collagen-the basic building block of the skin's connective tissue. One of the most exciting facets of CoQ10 is its ability to reduce wrinkle depth and prevent DNA damage after sun exposure. For even more complexion protection, add a CoQ10 supplement to your beauty routine to guard against premature aging from the inside out. Bonus Benefits CoQ10's benefits aren't just skin deep. Researchers are discovering that CoQ10 can be beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, kidney disease, Parkinson's disease and male infertility. CoQ10 is also essential for a healthy cardiovascular system. Since the heart demands an enormous amount of energy to function properly, there is a greater concentration of CoQ10 in the heart than anywhere else in the body. It's so important to our cardiovascular system that low levels are implicated in virtually every form of heart disease, including atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, angina, and even high blood pressure. But even common, everyday maladies can be eased by this multitalented nutrient. Clinical trials show that CoQ10 reduced migraine frequency and severity. Dentists have also begun using topical CoQ10 to treat gum disease, because it significantly reduces plaque, pocket depth and bleeding.
Where to Find It Because our natural supply of this critical nutrient decreases as we get older, applying topical CoQ10 and taking CoQ10 supplements can keep your complexion vibrant on a cellular level. To ensure that your complexion is getting all that CoQ10 has to offer, take at least 30 mg daily with a meal containing a small amount of fat to aid absorption. For other conditions, between 30 mg and 300 mg of CoQ10 can be taken per day. CoQ10 should be in a fat-soluble form, not a water-soluble powder. And look for these skin care products rich in CoQ10: CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Creme by Avalon Organics   CoQ10 Age Defying Moisturizer by Now Foods   Q-absorb Co-Q10 by Jarrow Formulas   CoQ10 Liquid by Nature's Plus   Spinach is one of the few food sources of CoQ10. Eating it raw may preserve more of this skin-saving nutrient.
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