6 Ways to Avoid Arthritis Pain

  • Dont Overdo It

    Pain is your bodys way of telling you something is wrong. If your body hurts, take it easy for a while. Excessive activity is the best way to generate joint pain and stiffness. Forget those errands until tomorrow and take a little time for yourself. Besides, who doesnt enjoy a little rest and relaxation every now and then?

  • Get Moving

    Inactivity is the arthritis sufferers worst enemy. One of the best things you can do for your body is exercise. It is always smart to start any exercise routine by stretching for at least 15 minutes. Stretching is known to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles and ligaments. For arthritis sufferers, doctors recommend low-impact sports like swimming, walking and bicycling. Contrary to popular belief, sports can be very therapeutic for people who suffer from arthritis pain.

  • Watch Your Weight

    Watching your weight is always a good idea. It is known to prevent various diseases from diabetes to heart disease. But keeping an eye on the scale is especially important for people who suffer from arthritis pain. Every extra pound of weight on your body adds about four or five pounds of pressure onto your knees. Those pounds add up and cause unnecessary strain on your already hurting joints. Take control of your pain by taking control of your diet.

  • Support Your Joints

    Throughout the day, our joints support our weight. Every time we move, the weight is transferred to a different joint. The longer we maintain weight on any one joint, the more likely we are to suffer pain and stiffness.

    The best way to protect your joints is to wear devices that support them, like back and knee braces. You should also rely on your strongest joints whenever possible, steer clear of heavy lifting, and avoid sudden movements.

  • Think Cod Liver Oil

    People have been using cod liver oil as a cure for pain even before various studies touted its medical benefits. The fatty acids that are found in the oil are thought to reduce inflammation in people suffering from osteoarthritis.