Arthritis & Anxiety or Depression


An article published on April 30th in Arthritis Care & Research reported that fully one-third of Boomers who have arthritis are battling anxiety of depression. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said their findings also showed that anxiety is nearly twice as common as depression even though there has been "more clinical focus on the latter mental health condition." In addition, 84% of those with depression also had anxiety.

According to CDC estimates, arthritis affects 50 million Americans and is the country's leading cause of disability. The study's lead author, Dr. Louise Murphy of the Arthritis Program at the CDC, said that only half of participants with anxiety or depression arthritis sought mental health treatment in the prior year. “Given their high prevalence and the effective treatment options that are available, we suggest that all people with arthritis be screened for anxiety and depression,” Dr. Murphy said. “With so many arthritis patients not seeking mental health treatment, health care providers are missing an intervention opportunity that could improve the quality of life for those with arthritis.”


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