Cool Tools for Arthritis Sufferers

Getting a good grip on household and garden tools can be tough, and doubly so for people with arthritis. We've assembled a selection of super-gripping tools available online to help you handle various activities with ease.

When you're out walking Fido or Fifi, ensure the surest possible grip with a dog leash woven in cotton with rubberized stitching. The Gripper Leash is reinforced at both ends with glove leather and is available in 1/2- and 3/4-inch widths as well as various lengths. It also comes with an extra-large handle for an easier hold.

You can greatly simplify food preparation and save time in the kitchen with ergonomically designed tools from OXO International. Their can openers, vegetable peelers, corkscrews, ice cream scoops and other products feature large, soft, flexible handles that accommodate your unique grip.

Every gardener depends on the right tools to cultivate their earth. At Westons Internet, you'll find gardening forks, trowels, weeders, hoes and cultivators specially designed for people with arthritis.

The PETA gardening tools have fist-grip handles angled about 90 degrees from the tool head, allowing you to hold the tool without bending your wrist, ensuring greater comfort. You can also purchase add-on handles to adapt your own tools.

Source: Health & Wellness

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