Does anyone know a humane way to put a dog down at home?
We can't afford to take him to the vet and have it done. I checked with our local humane society and they said they don't put dogs down and didn't have any advise except take him to a vet. Please don't say shoot him. None of us could do that. Besides, we don't own guns. He's very old and arthritic and has recently lost control of his bladder. He's also started snapping at us, which he never did in the past. He just lays around, can barely get up and walk. Any advise? Thanks.
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put him in his house or something of the like and gas him. In other words take a hose from a old vacuum cleaner or someting that will fit over your tail pipe of your vehicle and fit into the place you have the dog then start the vehicle and gas him. The carbon monoxide will put him to sleep and after he's been in it for a while he should be gone, peacefully, and with little to no pain. Reason I say little is because I have heard people who have been in a room where there is carbonmonoxide get head aches. If it were me thou I loved my dog so much that I let nature take it's course and he died that a way. Just couldn't bare to kill my dog, better courage to you.
There's no "humane" way to do it at home, especially if you can't afford to get him put to sleep. Are you sure you checked with all the vets? We recently had to put our dog to sleep and the vet we went to charged us $70.
You should only put down a dog if he still doesn' t get up for food or cookies! If you have any intelligence you'll do a fundraiser and get the money on your own. Unless you know the correct doses and can get the medicine cheap to do it(which you can't), then having a vet do it is the only FOR SURE humane way(compared to doing it yourself). Of course a vet could mess it up, but very rarely. It is typically $150 dollars but without tests cheaper. So start making some cookies and selling them for double kid. Good looks.
aww :( i have a really old dog like that. doesnt bite though it just lays around and also lost control of its bladder. i couldnt ever put her down though, im gonna let nature do its thing like the other guy(girl) said
well i think you should let him go outside and let him do what he wants on his final days
Take to the vet and sign a surrender form. They won't allow the dog to suffer and will humanely euthanize it.
You should absolutely only have a veterinarian do this. Call around different places to get prices. Tell them you ONLY want the euthanasia and then take his/her body with you and either bury it at home or take it to the humane society for low-cost disposal.
If a euthanasia is what you want AND medically necessary, most hopsitals will work out a payment plan/promise to pay contract for this service. My advice is to call around or even go to a hospital and explain your delimma and see what can be done for you.
You have got to be kidding -- your dog is old, incontinant and arthritic - so he needs to die????Hope your "loved ones" don't feel that way about you folks when you get to that stage, and unless you die young, that's very likely.Take this poor dog to the vet, you owe him that mercy. He's obviously in pain or he wouldn't be snapping at you. There are medications to help with the pain of arthritis (as you may find out one day), medicines to help with his incontinance and the vet can tell you whether there is help for your dog.To just let him suffer like this, without any vet care, and to want to dispose of him as if he were garbage is truly heartless. Find the money to take him to a vet - it can't cost that much, my vet charges 45.- to euthanize a dog - and who knows, there may be help for your dog, have the heart and sense to look for some way to help the poor thing, either by getting him some pain meds or euthanizing him decently and painlessly if there's no other help for it.You need to get your priorities right folks --- you have a computer, online service obviously and you don't want to spend a few bucks to help your sick dog --- how cruel and inhumane of you. Get a conscience and a heart and do right by your dog.
hey im sorry about your dog mine just passed may 4rth 2010 so i feel for you i agree with you and your fammily it's best to put him down i would raise money so i could take him to a vet putting pills in his food could make him worse if you have no idea what to give him or how much he could suffer throgh more pain or even force him into a truama and i would never suggest shooting him or stabbing him wich i know you guys dont wanna do again im sorry i know this isnt the answer you were looking for and im sorry but there really isnt a way
It's hard the situation. One really develops a profound love tor those unconditional friends...I agree that the only way to put him to sleep is to take him to a vet. If you make some calculus, you will find that it is not so expensive at large...
Call your local animal welfare organization. They can find someone to do an affordable euthanasia.There is no home remedy to put a dog to sleep.
Yes you can afford to take him to the vet to be painlessly euthanised. Cut back your spending on yourselves. Do without a few things and you can afford the euthanasia. You can afford a computer and the internet and my guess is you also all have cell phones. These are not necessities but allowing your dog to have a peaceful euthanasia because he is elderly and in severe enough arthritic pain to snap at you is a necessity. Borrow the money from friends/family and do right by this dog who has given you many years of devoted loyalty.Arthritis can cause very severe pain, I know because I have it in a knee. Medication does not always work effectively. Have you taken the dog to the vet for the diagnosis of arthritis. It could well be bone cancer and the pain from that is excruciating beyond description. We can't and shouldn't keep patching an old dog up forever with medication that may or may not work. When it's time to end pain and suffering we have to step up to the plate and do the right thing by a dog who has given you many years of devoted loyalty. There is no humane way to kill a dog at home and it's illegal in most circumstances. You must have known that the time was near for your dog so why didn't you all put a small sum of money away each week so you can allow this poor old dog to go in peace.Call a few vets and animal welfare and ask them if they can help you or set up a payment plan for you. Euthanising a dog is not expensive and you owe him that much. Anyone who would refuse to put a dog down and allow it to linger in agony is cruel. Nature doesn't take the life of anyone or anything just because they are suffering in agony. Nature is not kind, it can be ruthlessly cruel. Only children with no understanding of intense, agonising, unrelenting pain would suggest allowing a dog to linger until it dies naturally. As we mature we learn that sometimes we need to step in and help the dog. Agonising pain is not best for anything or anyone. We also know and understand our dogs well enough to know when they tell us they've had enough. Your dog is telling you this loud and clear.Please call the SPCA and a few vets. Someone will come up with a solution for you. Don't let this dog suffer any longer.
the only way to euthanize is thru the vet.Euthanasia drugs are highly controlled.. only a vet can obtain them.Anything you could obtain would cause your dog serious pain, and might not even kill him.

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