Skating Legend Hamill’s 90-Day Challenge

Dorothy Hamill’s “Get Moving America” Campaign

Boomers fondly remember when Dorothy Hamill captured Olympic Gold in the ladies’ singles at Innsbruck in 1976 and went on to become that year’s World Champion. The skating legend, with her iconic bob and her seemingly effortless grace on the ice, was dubbed “America’s Sweetheart”. Now, looking fantastic at the age of 57, Dorothy is launching the Get Moving America campaign to inspire people with osteoarthritis to participate in moderate physical activities as one way of helping reduce the chronic stiffness and pain associated with the disease. She has been living with the condition herself for a decade, so she’s an ideal role model.

Dorothy has partnered with AstraZeneca, a leading biopharmaceutical company, to create the 90-day challenge that launched the week of October 1st 2013.  People can share their progress and experiences, as well as motivate others, on the Facebook page ( and through a variety of social media channels including Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. For each person who signs up to participate in the challenge, AstraZeneca will make a $1 donation to the Arthritis Foundation, up to $25,000.

The Foundation is committed to raising awareness and reducing the impact of this serious and painful disease that can severely damage joints and rob people of the ability to live life to the fullest. Funding from the Foundation has gone toward life-changing research that has restored mobility in patients for more than six decades. In addition, the Foundation fights for health care policies that improve the lives of the millions who live with arthritis and offers empowering programs and information for sufferers and their families. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful joint disease that can limit daily physical activities among those affected. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 27 million Americans over 25 suffer from OA and the problem will affect 1 in 2 Americans in their lifetime. In spite of the limitations OA places on some physical activity, being moderately active is one method that helps reduce the symptoms. This is the driving force behind the Get Moving America campaign.

Dorothy, who is also a Dancing with the Stars alum, teamed up with AstraZeneca to generate awareness of this important issue. She shares her experiences – both challenges and victories – in living with OA, and offers tips for others to help manage their pain. “As someone who has been affected by osteoarthritis for more than 10 years, I know how debilitating the joint disease can be,” Dorothy said. “However, I haven’t let that slow me down – I continue to exercise and stay active, which helps reduce daily pain. I’m excited to lead the Get Moving America initiative to let men and women know that with small lifestyle changes, including proper medication and physical activity, they can help manage their osteoarthritis pain.”
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