Every joint in my body cracks and pops, and it hurts!?
I am a health 22 year old female, 130 lbs, very active and healthy (except for high blood pressure...on 2 meds a day, since i was 16).I have been to my doctor about my shoulders hurting and popping. The pain is sort of like on my back right near my shoulder blades, and the popping is right in the shoulder joint. The pain is constant, and the popping is probably once or twice a day.Both of my hip joints pop, as well as my lower back, in the sacral region.My left ankle cracks constantly.My left wrist, about once every few months gets this feeling where it feels like it needs to crack soooo bad, but it wont for about three days to a week. The pain and pressure build up is so bad, that i cannot put any weight on it (ex, impossible to do push ups, as my wrist will just not bend is sooo painful!! )My right foot now feels like there is a bone broken at the top, but it feels worst in the morning, and as the day goes on, it sort of seems to go back in place or something. I saw the doctor in the ER, and she said that it is an inflammed tendon.Are all my problems "tendon tracking" issues? where the tendon is slipping over the bone, and snapping back?Is this a certain disease? degenerative disease? HELP!! what should I do?
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You need to see a specialist, an orthopedic doctor.
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