Fingers Lock up? How can I unlock them?
My fiance is turning 20 and his fingers lock up all the time (he says it really hurts) sometimes he can pull it and fix it but he had to go to the er a couple of times... What can he do to prevent them from locking up or how can he unlock it when it gets bad? (the er told him it's probably arthritis) but he doesn't like to go to the doctor so he won't get his self checked
Posted 3 years ago in Other by harmong


Lol What? Don't marry someone too stupid or stubborn to go to the Doctor, or you're in for a life of woe. There's a few dozen anti-arthritis medicines he could take, and you need to go to the doctor to get a perscription. I suppose you could find black-market arthritis medicines, but you'd be risking his life, you'd pay way more than they actually cost, and you'd have to have one good mob connection to find something random like that on the black market.
If your fiance is determined not to go to a doctor (which he should really) get him to a health food store to buy Glucosamine sulphate (tablets) and omega 3 oil (capsules). I take these on a daily basis to help with arthritis in my fingers and they certainly do me a bit of good. However, I must stress I'm a great deal older than twenty, and my problems are age related. There could well be an answer for a younger man if you can just convince him to see a doctor.P.S. The tablets I recommended certainly won't do any harm even if it's not arthritis your fiance is suffering from, they're good for your joints.

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