Is it bad to wash my hands with hot water?
When i wash dishes or wash my hands I always use hot water. I heard you could get arthritis or something. I did some research but didn't find anything. Please help.
Posted 3 years ago in Other by YahooSassy


I think that if the water's too hot, you could damage your skin.
no way! you are supposed to use hot water when you wash your hands because it gets them clean! i dont think it will give you arthritis!! :( it doesnt make any sense!!
arthritis is caused by auto-immune dysfunction or bone deterioration, not water.
You should use hot water at a temperature that will either loosen the dirt or soften the soap, any warmer is useless. As it takes boiling water to kill germs, which would damage your skin, never get the water hotter than needed. Warm water or hot does not create or affect arthritis in any bad way. In fact warm water feel good to arthritic joints.
Hot water will dry out your skin faster than cold water.
Hot water is best, but not so hot you can't stand it.
I never that before? I guess it's like cracking your knuckles which was proven NOT to cause arthritis.
nooo i do all the time, burning hot isnt good obvioly, but it doesnt do anything else bad, u hav a shower in hot water so why is it different when u wash ur hands???

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