knee pain is so bad i can barely walk at 15?
im 15, and my knees randomly hurt and right now its worse than ever, i cant really walk, i can kinda limp but it hurts terribly, my parents think its arthritis, our family has quite the history of it, opioions? im a perfectly normal fairly athletic kid, idk whats wrong
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If you're athletic you could have a few things going on. 1. growing pains or 2. you could have a torn meniscus. I'd go to your family doctor to see what's up. They may recommend a specialist, but better safe than sorry. Having bad knees at 15 is never good...take care of what you have.
Ochto Schlatters Disease - I had it when I was your age, don't worry, its not a disease, its just called a disease, basically while growing you've been putting a lot of pressure on your knee joints and a buildup of tissue appears between the cartilage and the bone at your knee in order to like protect any potential damage while trying to grow. Unfortunately you can't do anything to stop it, you pretty much have to outgrow it, don't worry about not doing any sports.... Whether you do or don't do sports it won't slow the process down any more, been a couple years now and I feel near enough no pain, you'll be fine, just gotta keep at your sports and ignore it for the time being, it will go.
Its really hard to say without examining the knee.At 15 i would have thought the chances of you having an arthritis, even with a strong family history, is unlikely. Although there are some rarer forms of the condition that do appear in paediatrics (anybody under the age of 18)If i was to hazard a guess it would probably be an osteochondrosis maybe Osgood-Schlatter disease although this is based simply on the bases of epidemiology (who is likely to get this disease at what age) rather than any of your symptoms or examination. The best bit of advice would really be to go and see a doctor if its worrying you or if its stopping you getting on with your normal daily activities, even if its nothing its best just to get it checked over.

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