my boyfriend is insensitive, advice please?
I have a chronic pain , and recently I found out that theres a good chance i have Arthritis. I wont find out for sure until next week, after some blood tests, but this whole week ive been really depressed and scared about it. The other night, i told my boyfriend i was scared about it, and he laughed at me, and mad fun of the way i said it. And hes been making fun of it, like when i was struggling to picking up a heavy pot, he laughed and said your arthritis hands cant handle it. Sometimes i feel so alone, i have no one to comfort me. how can i make my boyfriend more understanding and sensitive? or is it just a lost cause?
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talk to him about how his teasing makes you feel
Omg, break up with that prick. If he really cared for you, he would comfort you and assist you when objects get too heavy for you.
You can try confronting him about it. Explain that you need support and that his attitude is hurting your feelings. But, I think your boyfriend is just too immature to be supportive about much of anything. The true test of a relationship is how you handle the hard times. If he is failing you it would be best to move on. You have enough to worry about.
He might be really worried and is just masking it with humour...? Other than that tell him to stop being a DB and kick him in the balls and then laugh. And make fun of him.....
well your right that sounds insensitive, maybe he doesn't know how to handle emotion. Maybe try telling him again, and mention how much it hurts you that he is treating this light-heartily. Say to him that you would love support and that you know he can give it, just ask him in a casual way basically, instead of having a stern talk with him, because he probably won't listen. But if he notices that is hurting you, and if he is a good boyfriend, he will understand and treat the situation better.
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