My jaw makes the popping/clicking noise when I open my mouth but don't have TMJ. What is the reason for this?
How can I prevent or recover? Will I get arthritis when I get older?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by Glassstrength


Your wisdom teeth may be growing in. Did the dentist do x rays on you? You can tell if you have wisdom teeth that way.
My jaw only pops when i eat steak. its weird. maybe its a certain food your eating but i doubt it will cause any problems.
See a dentist who is not an idiot. YOu definitely have tmj joint injury.
Don't kid yourself; when a jaw clicks and pops, by definition you have TMJ. Normal jaw joints do not make noises when they function normally. TMJ is also the first step to osteoarthritis of the TM joints so yes, arthritis will slowly begin to set in over time. The noises you hear is due to a structure that is part of the jaw joint called the articular disk dislocating whenever your teeth come together and going back into place when you open. The stage you are in now is called reciprocal clicking and this will worsen to intermittent locking where the jaw will feel like it gets stuck momentarily when opening. In time this will progress to what is called a closed lock without reduction. That means the disk will no longer be able to pop back into place on its own and will remain dislocated; this will limit the mouth opening to less than 3 fingers wide. You need to find a dentist who knows how to treat TMJ (not all do) but avoid oral surgeons and traditional orthodontists, trust me. There is nothing you can do on your own to stop the clicking because you will need to wear a special appliance called a splint 24/7. The most common causes of TMJ are deep overbites, Class II jaws (retruded chins), a history of head trauma, bad bites, and extraction of bicuspids for traditional orthodontic treatment.

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