Natural Relief for Arthritis Pain: Drunken Raisins

Golden Raisins

Before there were doctors, hospitals or giant pharmaceutical companies, folks treated their ailments with a variety of homespun remedies. These remedies often work (at least to some extent) and they're usually more fun than a doctor's visit.

In Lafayette, Colorado, 9News reported on one man who has used some modern marketing techniques to take his arthritis folk remedy to the people.

Larry Wright is the owner and proprietor of As the name suggests, his company sells raisins that have been soaked in gin -- along with juniper berries, honey and cinnamon. Wright claims that they're delicious and effective pain relievers.

"This is really going back to what your great-great-grandma did and it worked for them and it works for me and it works for a lot of people," Wright told 9News.

According to 9News medical expert Dr. John Torres, Wright's "drunken raisins" are backed by scientific fact:

"The gin is actually flavored with juniper berries and juniper berries have an anti-inflammatory property," Torres said, "kind of like aspirin or ibuprofen. So it can reduce the inflation that causes the pain. On top of that, raisins are natural pain relievers. So combining the two might give you a little bit of benefit ... "

In the video below, you can watch Wright working in his kitchen in all of his pain-free glory.

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