Torn meniscus advice? Cortisone and Synvisc shots?
I'm going to make this as short as possible. Please bear with me.In high school, while competing gymnastics I dislocated my knee. When the swelling went down they did an MRI and thought it was clean.It has re-dislocated a handful of times since then, and I have popped it back in place. It has always popped and locked since then, but recently it was so bad I went back to the Dr. She says I have a pretty severe meniscus tear. Some of the tear is older, and some are newer. That when I've popped it back in place it has added to the tear.I've always known I've suffered from unstable knees, well my left knee, and it's prone to dislocation.She wants me to wear a knee brace constantly when I walk even a little for the next two weeks and ice twice a day. And from then on to wear it for long walks or any working out. To prevent dislocation and help stabilize it to not irritate the meniscus.At this point we are delaying surgery, I would lose all of my meniscus. I already have bad knees and have been warned I will have arthritis. It I have my meniscus removed she thinks I will have arthritis before I'm 30. I'm 21 now.I had a cortisone shot today, so it's killing me, but it's supposed to feel better than before in the next few days. She is also thinking about giving me a Synvisc shot to give my joint some extra cushion and thinks it'll help smooth my joint and help with the locking some. But isn't that for arthritis normally?Could that help me with my meniscus?If that's what she wants me to try I'll do it, but I've never heard of Synvisc shots being used for menisus, has anyone else had this done?
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