what pain killer can i give my collie for arthritis?
she is about 8yrs old and now she is finding it hard to rest at night when been for a walk getting up is a bit hard to . its her back legs
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NONE call your Vet. Alot if not all the meds we can take can kill a dog.
Well I would and you need to consult a doctor because anything else may be harmful. Is she active enough? Does she have good nutrition?
Unfortunately collies can get hip dysplasia. Please do not give human meds to collies or any pets and see your vet.
Rimadyl is an excellent anti-inflammatory for canines, along with Glucosamine-condroitin and fish oil. Rimadyl can work wonders in dogs. It has added to the life-span of several of my dogs, as it lessens pain and keeps them active, thus keeping the muscles from atrophying. It's so good I've heard that the FDA is studying human forms of Rimadyl. Hope your pooch feels better!!
I would go and see the vet, humans and animals have different physiologies and react differently to different medications e.g. while morphine sedates us, it excites cats
try giving her glucosamine sulphate one a day vetsamine conditioning tablets does she yelp when she jumps up as that is a sing of kidney decease if you cant afford the vets bills or are not on benefits the RSPCA have low cost treatment centres i have had two borders one lived till he was 14 the other lived till he was 14 nearly 15 as well i have got another one he is 3 steroid injections might help i hope you can get it sorted

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