Why is my dog having trouble jumping?
For a little while now my dog ( a beagle) has been having trouble jumping up. At first we thought she had just pulled a muscle or something because she plays pretty rough with our other dog but it has been over a month now and she doesn't really show any signs that she is hurt but she is very apprehensive about jumping up onto the bed or into a chair and when she does jump her back legs often will not make it all the way and she will fall. She also limps sometimes but only after she has been laying down for a while. She is only 5 1/2 years old but is it possible she has arthritis. What could be going on wit her?
Posted 3 years ago in Other by GardenSummer


This could be a spinal problem, which Beagles are definitely prone to have (invertebral disc disease). Only a vet and x-rays can tell if this is indeed your problem, but you may be able to allay this problem and the need for more intense treatment by crate confinement/movement limitation for a few weeks (no jumping -- not so easy!). See article below for more info.
Could be a spinal injury from playing hard, or jumping. It could also be arthritis, or hip displasia (although in Beagles its not prevelent) I would take her to the vet and have them run tests on her spine, and her joints.
She might have knee or hip dysplasia (when the patella of the knee, or hip joint slip out for a second). It doesn't cause pain, but it is a weird feeling. You should probably discourage her from jumping (even if she doesn't have it). It's not a big deal, but maybe have her checked next time you go to the vet. It's nothing urgent though, just try and keep her from overstressing her joints. (But I'm no vet, so this is just a guess at what it could be). Good Luck!
My first question is do you notice her skip when she runs? Many dogs with knee problems skip, meaning the leg that bothers them misses a step from time to time. But not all the time. I'd ask the vet to evaluate the dog's knees for slipped petellas and ACL damage. Both are fixable with surgery. Since beagles are smaller dogs hip dysplasia is less likely but not impossiable. Next you would have the back, hips and knees x-rayed for problems. A $70 set of x-rays can tell your vet a lot about whats going on inside your dog.Try to keep your dog from jumping until you know what is causing the problem.5 1/2 is a young dog so surgery if needed will make your dogs life much happier.I've had ACL repair done to my dog and he's better then new since he got his ACL repair. It was a very worthwhile surgery.Hopefully your dog doesn't need anything, but don't be suprised if she does.Good luck

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