Health System Not Meeting End-of-Life Needs

The U.S. health care system is not properly designed to meet the needs of patients nearing the end of life and those of their families, according to a September 2014 report from the Institute of Medicine. The report says that major changes to the system are necessary.

Some Doctors Not Up to Date on Genetic Testing

Although genetic testing is becoming increasingly important, many primary care providers face challenges in making that part of a patient’s basic care, according to a new study published in Genetics in Medicine.

Researchers from the University of Michigan reported that the most common reason given by primary care physicians (PCPs) was that they had insufficient knowledge and skills about genetic medicine.

10 “Healthy” Food Practices That Could Make You Sick

Could your commitment to healthy living be making you sick? Some everyday food practices that most of us do with the best of intentions could actually be undermining all your efforts to eat less fat, increase fruit and veggie intake, and prepare meals hygienically at home. Danger lurks in your kitchen, in packaged foods and even in seemingly innocent fruit. The good news is that just a few changes can get you back on track to healthy living today.

1) Washing Chicken

Why It’s So Hard to Kick the Habit

Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of preventable death worldwide and is associated with approximately 440,000 deaths in the United States each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population continues to smoke cigarettes. While more than half of U.S. smokers try to quit every year, fewer than 10 percent are able to remain smoke-free. Relapse commonly occurs within 48 hours of smoking cessation. However, learning about withdrawal and the difficulty of quitting can lead to more effective treatments to help smokers quit.

Anticipating “Experiential” Purchases Makes Us Happy

The enjoyment we derive from “experiential purchases” such as buying tickets to shows or booking hotels for a vacation may begin even before we buy, according to a study done atCornell University and the University of California, San Francoosco and published in September 2014 in Psychological Science.

A release from Cornell quotes psychology researcher and study author Thomas Gilovich as saying that this research offers important information for consumers who are trying to "decide on the right mix of material and experiential consumption for maximizing well-being."


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