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Amylin Pharmaceuticals Shares Jump 13 Percent After Diabetes Drug Approval
Diet Soda Not Responsible For Raised Diabetes Risk After All
Metformin Found to be Superior Diabetes Drug
Caffeine May Elevate Blood Glucose Levels in People With Diabetes
Diabetes Drugs: Some Better For Heart Health Than Others
Avoiding Diabetes Complications
Bariatric Surgery Cost-Effective for Type 2 Diabetes in the Obese
Diabetes May Increase Cancer Risk
Diabetes Causes Aging Before Your Time
Vegetarians May Be At Lower Diabetes And Heart Risks
Diabetic Pilot Pursues a Record-Breaking Flight
Diabetes Monitor Goes Hi-Tech
Type 1 Diabetes Complications Avoided by Some
Nicotine May be More Harmful for Diabetics
Diabetes Pills: Side Effects Outweigh the Benefits
Diabetes Aided By Counting Carbs, Study Suggests
Living With A Diabetic Spouse
Type 2 Diabetes May be Preventable with Actos
Diabetes Drug Xoma Fails to Lower Blood Sugar; Shares Fall
Diabetes Screening for Seniors Covered by Medicare
Blood Test May Predict Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Avandia Diabetes Drug Raises Heart Disease Risk By 25%
Diabetes Drug Metformin Is the Best on the Market, Study Says
Diabetes Drug May Trim Insulin Injections To 3 Times Per Week
Aerobics and Resistance Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Belt Stretches Across Southern States
Johnson & Johnson Leaky Insulin Cartridges Recalled
Dapagliflozin: Diabetes Drug Application Accepted by FDA
Potassium Levels Linked To Diabetes Risk
Diabetes Alert Day: March 22

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