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Lupus Drug Rejected By U.K. Health Services
Singing and Stroke Therapy: New Study Shows Rhythm May Be More Important
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Say Teachers Smoke Less
Increased Stroke Risk After Afib Ablation Linked to Left Atrium Size, Mechanical Function
Beef Products From Tyson Foods Recalled
Pfizer Warns About Counterfeit Drugs
ALS Treatment May Be Revolutionized By New Findings
Colorectal Cancer Screenings Avoided By Fatalists
HIV: Adult Male Circumcision May Not be Best Prevention Method Cost Wise, Economists Say
Magic Mushrooms May Permanently Alter Your Personality
Winter Brings More Yawning, New Study Says
Listeria Deaths Rise To 16 Due To Tainted Cantaloupe
Pools, Fountains Spread Disease Leading To Diarrhea
Baby Joseph Dies at Home in Canada
Cervical Cancer Being Treated With Vinegar
Beef Recalled Due to E. Coli Scare
CDC Grant Will Fund Public Health Programs at UW-Madison
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Not Be Caused by Virus
Coffee May Decrease Risk of Depression, Says New Study
Viruses And Viral Diseases From Bats A Threat To West Africans
Novartis Trying for Approval of Smoker's Cough Drug
Cancer Cost Rising, Becoming Unaffordable
Primary Care Physicians Think Patients Are Over-Treated, New Study Says
Alopecia Will Not Be The End Of A Brave 4-Year-Old
Pertussis Booster For Those Age 65-Plus
HIV Prevention Possible With New Compounds
Enterococcus Bacteria Found On Hospital Privacy Curtains
Acid Reflux Drugs May Increase Risk Of C. Diff Bug
Acid Reflux Drugs May Increase Risk Of C. Diff Bug
Johnson & Johnson Recalls Eprex Drug