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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Ravens, Steelers, Jets Still Leading the Pack
Vikings-Jets Score: 29-20 Win for NY Jets in Monday's Game
Condoleezza Rice is Pleased at Times to Be Out of Office
Climate Change Reports Should be Credible & Convincing, U.N. Says
Wind Farm Technology Gets a Boost from Google
The Nation's Weather: Fire Warnings in Calif., Wet Weather in Northeast
Brett Favre Apologizes to Teammates over "Sexting" Scandal
Wind Farm in Baltic Sea is One of the Largest
Brett Favre Earns 500th Touchdown Pass & Breaks 70,000 Passing Yards in Monday Night Loss
Mobile Industry Applications Booming as an Industry
Internet TV Devices Should Result from Intel & Netgear Partnership
Windows Phone 7 Devices Prove Excited to Buyers
Rich Iott Defends Nazi Uniform Pictures
Paladino Attacks Gay Parades
Stieg Larsson Wrote Fifth Book
Call of Duty Black Ops Already Breaking Records
Smartphone Race Moves Up a Gear with Windows Phone 7
Deion Branch Traded to New England Patriots
Randy Moss Confidant: Brady Argument "Totally False"
Richard Branson Sends Commercial Spaceship on Test Flight
Nobel Economics Laureate Maurice Allais Dead at 99
Hungary Toxic Spill: Arrest Made for Fatal Spill
Samsung Focus Will Run Windows Mobile 7
Verizon iPhone Confirmed by Company Sources
Phil Hughes Pitches 7 Shutout Innings as Yankees Complete Sweep
Shane Hmiel: Crash Leaves Him in Critical Condition
BCS Rankings in Sight as OSU Steals #1 Spot
SF 49ers Stumble in Prime Time Spotlight
Cliff Lee Was Acquired for Moments Like This
Bowl Championship Series Target Firmly on Ohio States' Backs