Five Ways To Feel Sexier Now

  • Beauty is a great attention grabber, but sexy is a whole other ball game. Sexiness is an intangible mix of traits, none of which includes a closet full of couture, a drawer of lacy lingerie or a bikini body. In fact, what makes us sexy also makes us great to be around for other reasons, too. It’s about attitude, a strong personal self-image and the willingness to engage and be engaging. Here, Mary Marino, editor of, shows how to get that allure.
  • Build A Wardrobe That Boosts Your Confidence Kim Johnson-Gross, author of What to Wear For the Rest of Your Life, says, "You can’t fake sexy. Looking sexy is about feeling great in what you wear. Whether it’s a fitted pair of jeans or a divine evening dress, when you look in the mirror and can’t help but smile, you’ve achieved sexy success!"
  • Love Yourself We know we should stop worrying about our waist size and celebrate what’s working, but it’s not that easy. There’s even a term for it: “negativity bias”. Our ancestors were hard-wired for survival, a difficult process that naturally puts more emphasis on the negative. Millions of years of evolution haven’t changed things much. Jonathan Haidt, psychologist, researcher, and author of The Happiness Hypothesis, writes that there are only 3 ways to change our mindset; by meditation, cognitive therapy, or Prozac. NOTE: Meditation is easy, cheap and has the pleasant side effect of making those who practice it look and feel more radiant.
  • Laugh With Him A genuine belly laugh is not only sexy but highly contagious. Laughing relaxes the whole body and triggers the release of endorphins, which provides temporary pain relief, promotes an overall sense of well-being and boosts the immune system. But beware, phony ha-has are easy to recognize.
  • Laugh About Yourself Just in case we take ourselves too seriously, it’s helpful to remember that the best humorists mostly honed their talent by laughing at themselves. We’re funny creature. According to, a sense of humor is always among the traits listed by both men and women when describing their ideal match.
  • Retain A Little Mystery Another day, another celebrity vajayjay. Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.Reality TV has made it so lucrative to expose our dirty laundry; it’s easy to confuse crass with class. It’s sexy not to tell your life story to every stranger you meet. Once a mystery is solved, it no longer holds our attention.