How To Look Feel Be Thinner Now

  • Drink Green Tea

    Studies suggest that the phytochemicals in green tea can rev up the bodys calorie-burning engine temporarily. Its also a calorie-free replacement for diet soda or high- calorie cocktails.

  • Stretch Yourself With Yoga

    The Journal of the American Dietetic Association published a study that showed that women who practice yoga tend to weigh less. Possible reason: the self-awareness developed through yoga translates to more mindful eating.

  • Chew Gum

    Strong mint-flavored gum can curb the urge when youre at high risk for snacking. It overpowers other flavors and food wont taste good.

  • Consider Going Meatless

    If youre not ready to be a full-time vegetarian, try it one or more days per week. Vegetarians weigh up to 20% less than meat eaters. One possibility is that whole grain and legumes-based diets are high in fiber and low in fat. Fiber fills you up and adds fewer calories. Most Americans get only half the recommended amount of daily fiber.

  • Lose 10 Pounds In A Year Without Dieting

    Do this by burning an extra 100 calories every day. Thats the equivalent of walking one mile (about 20 minutes) a day.

  • Make Meals Last At Least 20 Minutes

    Chew slowly and put down the fork every few bites. Eating too fast blocks the bodys fullness signals and causes overeating.

  • Don't Hide Your "Skinny" Clothes

    Hang them where you see them every day if you need a little reminder not to overeat.

  • Don't Squeeze Into A Smaller Size

    To look slimmer, clothing should skim the body without hugging it tightly. Anywhere clothing gaps or pulls will call attention to that spot.

  • Don't Forget The Shoes!

    Fabulous accessories steal the show. Shoes, handbags, scarves and jewelry can create happiness and provide great camouflage.