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How Can I Prevent Hair Loss? Question: How can I prevent hair loss? Answer: Hair loss can be managed through prescription and natural remedies, according to What Guys Are Saying About Their Health. Massaging certain plant oils into the scalp may encourage new hair growth. In 1999, dermatologists at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland tested a precise blend of...Read more

Anti Aging Products

Wash Face
An Anti-Aging Product That Works British scientists say a cosmetic anti-aging product can reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin damaged by sunlight. Dermatologists at The University of Manchester carried out a clinical trial on 60 volunteers with typical signs of sun-damaged skin and found that the cosmetic, No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, could impro...Read more

Natural Beauty

Check for Label Marking 'Natural' Products Nov. 9 -- How "natural" are your lip balm and body lotion? Hard to say. Unlike the term "organic," the word "natural" isn't regulated by the government. A USDA organic seal on food or beverages means a green consumer can rest easy, but what about lip gloss that calls itself "natural"? A new green seal from th...Read more

Ageless Beauty

Makeup for Aging Women With advances in cosmetics, women are finding they can keep looking fabulous, no matter what their age. Lynne Sanders, of London's chic Cosmetics a la Carte makeup studio, says all women can benefit and "turbocharge their confidence" with a makeup lesson. Sanders has some suggestions, starting with using a magnifying glass or ...Read more

Makeup Safety

The Shelf Life of Makeup Everyone knows that eye infections can be caused by sharing eye cosmetics, but did you know that bacteria develops in your eye makeup over time just from exposure to moisture and air?Take mascara, for instance: Each application introduces bacteria not only to the wand, but pushes it inside the tube. As you push the wand inside the tube, you increas...Read more
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