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Five Ways to Be Stylish Every Day Style is all about achieving coherence between each item of clothing and accessory in terms of its style or look.The style of a garment or accessory is determined by a number of factors, including color and texture ... However, shape, size, cut, finish, level of detail, weight, and even the kind of buttons or stitching that are used will also contr...Read more


Big Hair Styles Are Taking Root Remember the 80s hair styles? The ones that went inches above a woman's head and required bottles and bottles of hairspray to defy gravity? Yes, big hair "up to there" is making a comeback, thanks to the TV show Jersey Shore, as women headed to weddings and graduations are asking stylists to give them bigger tresses, bouncier curls, bumps and updos...Read more


How to Create a Flawless Complexion If you have been on the search for what makes or breaks makeup, your answer lies in your choice of foundation. This makeup agent helps to smooth out skin tones, conceal blemishes and give you an overall healthy glow. Applying makeup without a foundation as base can actually accentuate unsightly skin problems, rather than trying conceal them. Choosi...Read more
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