9 Tips for Younger Looking Eyes

  • The skin around your eyes is thinner and more prone to creases and sags than any other area of your body. The good news, though, is that surface skin cells are always sloughing off while new ones rise up to replace them. This means that if you follow our simple strategies, you can actually reverse some of the damage that has happened over time. Also on our list: Quick fixes for temporary puffiness and redness from a crying jag or seasonal allergies.

    Don't Skimp on Sleep

    Most people need six to nine hours of shut-eye every night. We know you're busy, but depriving yourself of restorative sleep can make you look more, well, haggard than you should. On the other hand, too much time in dreamland will make under-eye bags more pronounced. Finally, avoid sleeping flat on your back. Use a couple of pillows to elevate your head so fluid won't accumulate around your eyes.
  • Moisturize and Hydrate Be religious about slathering on moisturizer in the morning and again before bed. Also, reapply during the day if you've been swimming or exercising. Gentle, upward strokes are the kindest way to treat fragile eye-area skin. No need to spring for wildly expensive creams and lotions. Drug store varieties such as Pond's and Nivea work just as well. Another tip: Keep a spray bottle of water handy and spritz your face often, especially in hot weather and during airplane trips when you're confined for hours in a cabin with dry air. (Flight attendants swear by this ploy.)
  • Wear Sunglasses Even if you're sporting a broad-brimmed hat and you've used sunscreen, intense rays can burn the delicate skin near your eyes. That means swollen, itchy lids the next morning – and maybe a headache as well. Beyond that, you're bound to squint if you're not wearing shades. Consider buying two or three pairs in different colors to jazz up your outfits.
  • Dim Light for Reading=Crow's Feet Contrary to what your mother told you, reading in the dark won't ruin your eyesight. What it will do, though, is make you scrunch up your eyes as you strain to see the print. By doing that, you'll be etching those dreaded crow's feet at the corners of your eyes. You could also be tempted to rub your eyes if they get tired. Not a good idea!
  • Break a Sweat Regularly Here's one more reason to get up and get moving: Sweating rids your skin of impurities, and it's your body's own hydrator. The skin around your eyes doesn't sweat, but it benefits from what your sweat glands elsewhere do for you. Just be sure to cleanse your face and splash on cold water (a natural astringent) after your workout. Oh, and reach for the moisturizer once again.
  • Drink in Moderation Sharing the happy hour with the man in your life or your friends and family can be wonderful. However, do your eyes a favor and stick with one drink a day. Even if you seem to have gotten away with partying hard in your salad days, now is the time you'll pay the price with telltale under-eye bags and dark circles.
  • Say No to Smoking Nothing makes you squint more often every day than those drags on your cigarettes. If "smoke gets in your eyes" is more than a song lyric for you, make a vow to kick the habit. Get professional help or join a support group if you need to do that, but don't put off taking this important step – for your eyes' sake and for your health in general.
  • Cucumbers, Frozen Peas, and Tea Bags to the Rescue Sometimes, no matter how good your intentions or how healthy your lifestyle, your eyes will look less than wonderful. Maybe you got teary over an event in your life, or the pollen count did you in. Stealing a few minutes to lie down with something cooling over your eyes will coax the fluid and blood back where it belongs. You can buy gel packs to keep in the refrigerator but home remedies such as chilled cucumber slices, a bag of frozen peas, or damp green tea bags work just as well or better.
  • Try a Concealer Plus Light, Pretty Make-Up For days when your eyes look a little more "mature" than you'd like, dab on concealer a shade darker than your foundation. But don't use a heavy hand. Too much makeup will collect in creases and draw attention to the very problems you're hoping to minimize. Finish with your usual foundation, a hint of blush and lip color, plus pastel eye shadow and a flick of mascara. Now go ahead and bat your eyes with the best of them!

    Editor's note: This is part of a series of articles and that we are bringing back because we know you can't be reminded too often about ways to keep looking and feeling younger and better!