Phthalate-Free Perfume: The Sweet Smell

If you're on the hunt for phthalate-free beauty products -- and especially perfumes -- you already know they can be hard to find. Patricia Malemes, owner and founder of Agape & Zoe Naturals, was on the same quest. She'd gotten rid of all her old scents and, in her search of something natural and phthalate-free, she created her company, which means "love and life" in Greek.

The perfumes are made with two ingredients: organic grain alcohol and 100 percent pure essential oils. The company's scents received a "1" - a rating of 0 to 2 is a "low hazard" - rating on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database (

And unlike some "green" items, these are an affordable splurge. Agape & Zoe is available in six scents and three sizes -- a 2-ounce spray ($20), 1-ounce perfume ($10) or 1/3-ounce rollerballs ($5) at

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