Loss of Pubic Hair In Women Common As You Age

Woman preparing the wax before she uses it. iStocphoto/Thinkstock

If youve always wanted to feel well-groomed in a bikini but been afraid of the pain of a Brazilian Wax, relax. If you wait long enough, your pubic hair will disappear naturally. Of course by then you probably wont be in any shape to wear a bikini so where is the silver lining?

I can hear a collective Ick! from both women and men.

First, lets define our terms. A Brazilian Wax means most or all of your pubic hair is removed, including the hair around some very sensitive body parts. An esthetician applies a thin layer of warm wax with a stick, places a piece of paper or cloth over it, and then pulls the hair out by its roots in one powerful yank. Yeeoutch!

Its less popular predecessor, the Bikini Wax, took care of the little curly tendrils that might stick out of your suit (you can also shave and risk red razor bumps), leaving a landing strip down the middle of your formerly triangular pubic patch.

For some women, aging actually reverses that scene. You lose your landing patch, but a few stragglers remain to trim your suit, whether one piece or two. If the hair on your head or your mothers head -- thins with aging, pubic hair will as well.

Barring thyroid problems, this is generally due to the hormonal changes of menopause. If you do hormone replacement therapy, you may well save your pubic hair, in which case do you really want to destroy it with a wax? On the other hand, there are fewer hairs to rip out so its a tad less pain, plus you wont have to explain the bald patch.

Of course, then theres the problem of hair color under your hair color. If your hair has gone gray, its possible your fuzz has lightened too: another case where you might want to rip your Rip Van Winkle beard right out to avoid anyone re-assessing your numerical age. Before doing anything to change the natural order of things, though, ask yourself what you like about having a bush or being smooth as a babys bottom. Which is more comfortable to you not your boyfriend or husband? A mans point of view is valid only if he, too, is willing to have his tender roots forcefully removed. Judy Kirkwood hasnt worn a bikini in years, but since moving to Florida shes noticed that ladies her age think nothing of letting it all hang out, so shes shopping for a third-age two-piece.
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