Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older

  • 10 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older There are so many beauty tips out there to help us look years younger. But at the same time, many women are making big mistakes that can add up to 10 years to their appearance!

    Here are 10 of the most common beauty blunders that will age your face. Don’t worry—correcting each mistake is simple!
  • Cutting Corners If you want to keep your face looking years younger—which we all do—you have to remember with the basics. Wash your face twice a day—once in the morning, and once at night. A clean face allows makeup to go on a lot more smoothly. But heading to bed with that makeup still on is a big no-no—the dirt and oil can cause acne and enlarge your pores.
  • Don’t Dry Out! Dry skin can add years to your face, so don’t forget to moisturize! Moisturize daily with a strong, thick moisturizer that has SPF. According to makeup expert Bobbi Brown, look for a formula that’s a little bit gooey to help plump up your skin. When you’re skin is hydrated and healthy, it’s much easier to maintain our your natural glow.
  • Skimping On Sunblock Always use sun block! Not only do UV rays cause cancer, but they also age your skin. Even if you’re outside gardening or just going for a walk, it’s best to lather up with at least SPF 30. This will help protect your skin from wrinkles and brown spots due to sun damage.
  • Too Much Foundation When it comes to makeup, less is more. Stay away from cakey foundation—not only does it look unnatural, but it can clog your pores and accentuate fine lines. Opt for an oil-free light foundation, which will help even out your skin tone without making it feel greasy. Apply it only around your T-zone when you need some perking up.
  • Blush It Right You may have been taught to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, but as you age, this area of your face tends to sag. To avoid accentuating this problem, lightly sweep your blush upwards to help highlight your cheekbones. And pay attention to color—a blush hue too bright or dark can leave you looking bozo-esque. Reach for a lighter color that flatters your skin tone.
  • Avoid Cleopatra Eyes Black eye makeup is not just for the twentysomethings. In fact, according to Bobbi Brown, using a black eyeliner and black mascara will make your eyes pop the most. And bright eyes will help take the attention away from any lines and wrinkles. A freshly sharpened pencil will help you draw the most precise lines. But keep it subtle.
  • Keep Mascara Up Top Applying a lengthening, lash-plumping mascara will certainly brighten and open your eyes. But as you age, swiping the stuff on your bottom lashes is actually counterproductive—it draws attention to crow’s feet and dark circles, which can make you look sullen, exhausted and older.
  • Be Careful With Powder Powder is light and non-greasy, so it’s the way to go all the time, right? Wrong. Powder can easily embed itself into the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, especially around your eyes. And that only exaggerate them.

    Powder’s dusty properties can also make it drying. Instead of swiping on a power blush, add some color with a cream blush instead to help your face retain some of that moisture. Another plus: the cream formula will come out brighter on your cheeks.
  • Abusing Lipstick And Liner Using lip color and pencils is a great way to help define thinning lips. But too much will make you look like an overly made-up stage performer. Start by outlining your lips with a clear lip liner. This will help you apply your lip color super-smoothly.

    As for lip color, skip the bright red and hot pink hued lipsticks. Invest in a moisturizing lipstick lighter rose or coral that compliments your skin tone. We’re all for lovely and age-appropriate over clown-like.
  • Neglecting Your Brows Just as the hair on our heads thins out as we age, so do our eyebrows. Neglecting to redefine your brows is a big beauty blunder—it can make you look years older. To fill in sparse brows, take a freshly sharpened brow pencil and use short, feathered, upward strokes.