Bobbi Brown's Makeup Tips for Women over 50

Bobbi Brown, 55, and actress Susan Saint, 65, stopped by the Today Show to discuss how to age with gracewithout Botox, Restylane and invasive cosmetic surgery.

The ladies gave host Ann Currie tips on how to achieve a natural makeup lift:

--Plump. To combat dry and sallow skin caused by aging, Bobbi says we need to use a strong, thick moisturizer.

You want something a little gooey to plump up your skin, Brown says.

--Brighten. Women over 50 should stick to cream blush instead of powder for more moisture.

But for the most natural glow, Bobbi suggests a simpler action.

You need to smilethere are no wrinkles on cheeks! Bobbi says.

--Pop. Black eyeliner and mascara make your eyes pop, Bobbi says. If the look is too harsh, you can always opt for brown or purple.

--Define. As we age, we lose definition in our face. For a more alive look, Bobbi suggests filling in eyebrows and defining our eyes.

--Finish. To avoid foundation from sinking into fine lines, a tinted moisturizer is the best choice.

Tinted moisturizer is great for women of a certain ageyou want things to go out, not to go in, Bobbi says.

Towards the end of the segment, Currie points out that in addition to the focus given to improving our physical appearance, the most important ingredient of looking great is balancing whats in our head.

Accept where you are today, not where you were, Bobbi agreed.

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