Fall Makeup Trends

  • By Mary Marino In the same way that there are fashion trends, there are makeup trends, too. And one is just as important as the other.Here’s what the “new” Fall 2011 face and hair look like, plus our tips on how to make them work for you.
  • Pale Face Androgyny This is a masculine/feminine trend that borrows heavily from the boys. Think Tilda Swinton, Ellen DeGeneres, and David Bowie. But a word of caution: The severity of this look doesn’t work for everyone. Having prominent facial angles helps. DeGeneres’ softened look for Cover Girl showcases the beautiful, natural face that makeup can achieve for anyone.
  • Bold Brows For the last few seasons there’s been a mandate on a no-brow look. But the browless years are behind us now! Without brows, a face takes on an otherworldly look that’s not very flattering. Brows are important focal points on your face. Have them done at least once by a pro who can show you how to make the most of what you’ve got. The three things to get right here are the arch, the color, and the application. As for eyeliner, keep it classic: a very thin line at the base of the lashes.
  • Neutral Colors With the recent popularity of barely-there nude and neutral colors in clothing, it makes sense that the same colors show up for faces, lips, and nails. Natural pinks and neutral rose lip colors are universally flattering, and natural nail colors look fantastic. But don’t go completely nude: if you’re wearing a lot of neutrals, don’t do neutral makeup, too. Add some color somewhere. Another point: Your best feature should be the focal point on your face. If you have beautiful eyes, make them stand out. If you have nice full lips, go for a strong lip color. Don’t do both. It will date you.
  • Red! Hot red, fuchsia, and Bordeaux mouths rule! Statement-making scarlet lips will be standout accessories for fall. Red lips can really light up a face, but pure reds can be harsh, so find a red that’s been softened with brown or rose tones. Don’t go for very dark lips; they can make you look like an aging vampire, especially if you’re fair-skinned.
  • Rouge It hasn’t been called rouge for so long that even the word has a vintage sound to it. Our mothers wore it, and this alone is one reason to tread lightly here. The more “rouge” you wear the zanier you’re going to look. The modern way to wear it is a skin-enhancing cheek blush that’s blended into your foundation. The stronger the lip color, the softer the cheek color should be.
  • Metallics Clothing and accessories in copper, silver, and gold are going to make a flashy fashion statement for fall. So expect lots of glimmering eyes, cheeks and lips as well. Careful with metallics, though: Because of their light-reflecting properties, they tend to make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. The same can happen with highly metallic lipstick. Do this look with metallic nail colors, shoes, handbag or accessories. Don't overdo it; one or two shots of metallic is all you need.
  • Ponytails If your hair is long enough, a ponytail can be ageless. Two strong ponies lead for fall 2011. One is sleek and elegant; the other is casually pulled back with wispy tendrils escaping. Either way, pulling your hair back emphasizes your face. Make the look work with makeup that enhances either lips or eyes.
  • Boy Cuts For maximum style, think minimum hair. Think Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan. If you have the face for it, this is the season to do short hair. The less hair you have, the more you need feminizing elements like makeup and earrings--and the better they look!

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    Mary Marino is a writer and blogger and editor of flashionista.com.