Falls Hot Lipstick Trends Which Color Matches You

  • Red

    Red makes a statement. It pops against the skin and, if done right, lends elegance to any ensemble. Finding your shade of red is essential for maximizing the effect. The key is to match your skin's undertones with that of the lipstick color.

    For fair skin, true reds that have pink undertones are best.

    Women with darker skin, on the other hand, should find a shade of red with blue undertones.

    Above all, make sure that the red that you choose is reliable. Red lipstick is tricky. The last thing you need is to worry about whether your lipstick is on your teeth or worse smudged all over your face.

    To accompany this look, it is best to keep it simple. Remember, its never a good idea to go bold on both the lips and the eyes.

  • Orange

    Orange lip color can add a sun-kissed element to anyones daily makeup routine. Whether its in the form of a funky, matte lipstick or a fun, fruity lip-gloss, orange is a must-have for the fall season.

    While bright tangerine orange works great on both women with fair or dark complexions, women with a medium skin tone should go for a pink-based orange hue.

    To play up an orange lip shade, it is best to apply bronzer to the cheeks and make the eyes pop with a simple metallic eye shadow.

  • Burgundy

    Red is bold, but burgundy is bolder. If youre really looking to draw some attention, burgundy lips can create a sultry and dramatic look that is almost guaranteed to turn heads.

    Shades of burgundy vary significantly and so too does the intensity of the look. Shades that are shear are useful for everyday outings, while matte lipstick in plum makes a statement.

    In general, fair-skinned women look best with berry shades, while dark skinned women look best with a plum-based color.

    Finish your look with a bit of blush in a berry shade, and some mascara. For this look, its best to keep the focus on the lips.