Boomer Women Need To Update Their Makeup

Five Makeup Mistakes Of Boomer Women

Do you still “set” your makeup with powder? Outline your lips for a bigger shape ? Smile and swipe blush on the apples of your cheeks  ? Sorry, babe, but if you said yes to even one of these questions your makeup is aging you! These five tips will give you a new look.


1.Use Primer, Not Powder

Just say no to all face powder- and that includes pressed, loose or mineral. They add excess pigment and  give mature skin a dry dated look. Instead, apply a clear gel primer  after moisturizer but before foundation. It will smooth out skin texture, hide pores, fill in lines, and prevent smearing, creasing or breakthrough shine. Use the gel as a retoucher right over makeup to refresh the T-zone during the day.


 2. Don’t Skip The Foundation 

Dry, pasty, blotchy, uneven bare skin is not doing you any favors. A sheer buildable foundation in the right color and texture will improve the look of your skin 100 % and add warmth. Apply it with a foundation brush for the most natural look.


3. Apply Blush High On The Cheekbones, Not The Apples Of Your Cheeks

 Counteract mid-face sag and loss of firmness by blending a  bright cream blush along the top of your cheekbones. Trash the old smile- and- put- blush- on- the apples trick, which emphasizes  deepening nasolabial folds  and  your nose! 


4.Use Lip Pencil To Correct Thin Lips, Not To Enlarge Them

Use a lip-toned liner to correct a thin asymmetrical top lip, not to fake bigger lips. This is the #1 faux pas of our generation. Two tips for a more youthful mouth: Use your lip pencil to round the bow rather than draw on two fake points. Then apply the pencil over the entire lip shape as a base for tinted gloss. 


5. Brows And Eyeliner Are The Must-Dos, Not Red Lipstick

Emphasize the upper face with fuller, extended brows and a defined eye makeup. Let tooth whitening, not a bright lipstick. de-age the lower face. Put eye liner back on the daily to-do list and make time in the A. M. to do a real eye makeup. Your confidence will skyrocket.  



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