Summer Makeup Tips from Jillian Dempsey

July 21--It's summertime and the last person you want to resemble is the Wicked Witch of the West saying, "I'm melting!" With temperatures getting hotter and skin getting tanner, you want to minimize the layers of makeup, while maximizing your natural beauty. Here to give us a few summer makeup tips is celebrity makeup artist and Avon's Global Creative Color Director, Jillian Dempsey. Yes, she's also the lucky wife of Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey! But when she's not with her McDreamy, she's at Avon creating refreshing color palettes and giving application tips on how to look cool even during the dog days of summer!

This is the first time Avon has partnered with an outside makeup artist. Tell us all about your new line!

The Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Collection is comprised of unique makeup artist products that I wanted to create because of my experiences in this profession. As a professional makeup artist and a working mom, I look for makeup that is quick and easy to apply, which is why the products in my professional line are multi-taskers. It has been so exciting to work with Avon's Research & Development team and talk about an idea and then have it made. The products are really great because they offer the quality that Avon is known for combined with my professional expertise about shades and application.

What warm-weather tips do you have so that makeup doesn't look like it's caked-on? Or so it doesn't melt off the moment you step outside? When you're in warm climates -- whether dry or humid -- it's important to stick to lightweight formulations. Unless you feel strongly that you need heavier coverage, I would start with spot-concealing rather than using a foundation. This is when you apply concealer to just your problem areas like under your eyes an around your nose. A liquid tinted moisturizer with SPF has a lighter texture that will feel better on your skin and also won't cake up. Try to avoid powders. If you get oily or shiny, opt for blotting papers instead. Use a minimal amount of cream blush. For both the base and the blush, I recommend applying and then using a makeup sponge to buff it down. You will be left with coverage without the heaviness because the formula will be blended into your skin and seem more like a natural flush. Two great products for summer eyes are waterproof mascara and waterproof liquid liner. They're a great way to add extra definition to your lashes. I also gravitate toward tinted lip balms or glosses with SPF in the summer. These provide a great touch of color while still offering protection and hydration. What are your personal makeup must-haves that you never leave home without? I love a concealer, black mascara, eyeliner and a little something on my lips -- either a balm or a lip gloss. What's the trend this summer season regarding color palettes? This summer a big trend is to experiment with nail color. I also like a hit of pigmented color on the eyes -- Avon has a great new eyeshadow, SuperShock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadow. Two great products for eyes this season are waterproof mascara and waterproof liquid liner. My new Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Dual Eye Enhancer has a highlighting eyeshadow on one side and a liquid liner on the other. Lips should have a pop of color in either a peachy pink or fruit punch color. Women will still gravitate to bronzers, but the trend this season is really more natural. Who are some of your celebrity clientele? As I makeup artist, I am fortunate to work with a lot of talented actresses. Most recently I have worked with Kate Winslet and Kristen Stewart. What tips do you have for women to highlight what they already have, instead of covering it up with layers of pale foundation, black eyeshadow, and obviously false eyelashes? My makeup philosophy is that natural is beautiful. Especially during the summer I recommend sticking to minimal makeup and using lightweight formulas. I think women should focus on highlighting what they love about themselves and stick to a light application everywhere else. Steer towards tinted moisturizer versus foundation and choose one feature -- eyes, lips OR cheeks -- to play up. Eyes are my favorite place to experiment -- you can custom pick shades to bring out your eye color or use products such as the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad to create a layered and contoured look -- even with neutral colors. Curl lashes and apply a waterproof mascara in black and then keep the rest of your face natural. What is the biggest misconception most women have about makeup application? I think a big misconception is that you need a lot of makeup. Makeup should highlight your natural beauty, not cover it up. I always advise playing up the features you most like rather than trying to conceal or cover any imperfections. // var ranNum = Math.round(Math.random()*1000000); document.write('' + (ranNum));// ]]>//
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