Update Your Look: Makeup Tips for Over-50s

Makeup artists disagree on the tricks of the trade to diminish wrinkles, but here is some advice from two stylists.

From Sabrina DeCarolis, the product consultant for Sephora:

  • If foundation seems to settle into thin lines, apply it with a foundation brush for sheerer texture. Or switch from a foundation to a tinted moisturizer with an SPF.
  • To conceal under-eye darkness, apply a pink pencil just in the dark area, generally a half-moon line from the inner corner of the eye downward, then blend slightly. Apply your favorite concealer. Ms. DeCarolis likes Benefit Eye Bright and Boi-ing.
  • Rethink eye shadow. Apply a sheer wash of eye shadow all over the lid and bring it up to the brow so it fades to nothing. It's a fresher, more contemporary look than the traditional three-color method of lid color, dark-crease color, and brow highlighter, which can make eyes look more hooded as we get older.
  • You can reverse that technique. Instead of putting a dark shade on the lid and highlighter on the brow, put the dark shade all over the lid up to the brow. Then highlight the center of the lid with the lighter shade and blend.
  • Don't shun shimmer. It's a myth that you should use matte eye shadow only if your lids are getting crinkly. Use a light touch of shimmer for soft radiance.

You'll get different tips from beauty specialist Sybil Brathwaite, of Vital Radiance, who recommends that women over 50 fill in lines with face and eye primers. She tells these women:

Stay away from frosted eye shadow. It accentuates the lines on your brows. Prime the eyes and then put on a matte finish such as Easy Blending Mousse Shadow. Keep the darkest shade of eye shadow close to the lid, with light shades moving to the brow. Avoid smudges under the eyes, which accentuate dark circles.Go easy on mascara and eyeliner on the bottom lid. Put mascara on just the corners of the bottom lashes and eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Redefine your eyebrows with brow-defining pencil. Keep your makeup understated. Less is more.Source: Augusta Chronicle. Powered by Yellowbrix.
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