What is Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder results in extreme swings in mood, energy, and ability to function. The mood changes of bipolar disorder are more dramatic than normal ups and downs. They can hurt relationships and cause poor job or school performance. Bipolar disorder can be treated. Contact your doctor if you think you may have this condition.
Bipolar Disorder Research: Searching for Genetic Links In trying to determine the genes that contribute to bipolar disorder, researchers took a clue from Google. In the same way that search engines sift through millions of web pages to find those referencing a given topic and then ranking them by the number of relevant links -- researchers sifted through a multitude of studies on the human genome and ...Read more

Bipolar Disorder Causes

The cause of bipolar disorder is not known. This condition tends to run in families. Specific genes may play a role. It is most likely many different genes that act together. Bipolar disorder may be a result of genetic influences on the brain.© 2009 Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.
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Bipolar Disorder Has Genetic Link That May Explain Suicide Bipolar disorder has a genetic link that may explain why many sufferers attempt suicide, researchers at Johns Hopkins say.An estimated 1.4 percent of Americans die from suicide and about 4.6 percent of people have tried to kill themselves at least once, the researchers said. For those with bipolar disorder, the percentage who think about suicide is...Read more

Bipolar Disorder Risks

Bipolar Disorder Risk Heightened By Genetic Variant Bipolar disorder risk is increased by a previously unrecognized susceptibility factor, according to a new study.The research, led by Dr. Sven Cichon from the University of Bonn in Germany, found that genetic variation in the gene neurocan (NCAN) showed a significant association with bipolar disorder in thousands of patients. These findings were rep...Read more

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms include: Dramatic mood swings, ranging from elated excitability to hopeless despondencyPeriods of normal mood in between ups and downsExtreme changes in energy and behavior Signs and symptoms of mania include: Persistent and inexplicable elevation in moodIncreased energy and effort towa...
Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Can Be Managed Article Highlights:Bipolar illness affects approximately 5.7 million adults in a given year.Bipolar illness can be diagnosed based on a clinical interview usually conducted by a specially trained provider, usually a physician, social worker, psychologist or nurse.It is important to track your mood, sleep cycles and daily activity to help monitor an...Read more

Bipolar Disorder Prevention

There are no guidelines for preventing bipolar disorder. ...
Imaging Studies Help Pinpoint Child Bipolar Circuitry New studies have found the inner workings of pediatric bipolar disorder by capturing brain images in children. Studies also suggest that another condition -- severe mood dysregulation (SMD) -- may be misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder.While studies suggest that nearly 2% of all adults suffer from bipolar disorder (BD), it is unclear how many childr...Read more

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Talk with your doctor about the best plan for you. Treatment options include: Medications Many patients are treated with a combination of two or more of these medications: Lithium -a mood stabilizer, often used as initial treatment (helps prevent manic and depressive episodes from returning) An...
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Catherine Zeta-Jones: The New Face Of Bipolar Disorder Why are we so shocked to learn that Catherine Zeta-Jones has bipolar disorder and checked herself into a mental health facility?Because she is ravishingly beautiful, classy and charming, has a healthy sense of humor, a flair for elegant fashion, and seems to be a devoted wife and mother who handled the horribly stressful situation of her husband Mi...Read more
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