I'm Beginning to Dread a Lot About Christmas

Posted December 3, 2012 8:08 PM


Editor's note: Research has shown that negative emotions have a detrimental effect on your health -- and the "holiday blues" are no exception! Here is one our favorite blogger's take on why Christmas is a downer at midlife and beyond.

Why can’t they at least wait until Halloween is over before they begin with our annual onslaught of  “holiday” commercials? For me this creates dread, and panic immediately sets in.

It must be my age. Every year I now face the “holidays” with increasing disgust and trepidation instead of Yuletide joy.  They make me tense and uncomfortable instead of those visions of sugarplums I seem to recall from my ancient past.  I used to absolutely love Christmas, so what happened?

I guess it’s that special mix of good old American hard sell in their desperation to improve their bottom line by the end of another bad year, in combination with all the nauseatingly sweet and happy families in those ads, which we all know are pure fiction.

Why do Hallmark ads bring a wee tear to our eye? Because we all know they aren’t real life. They are the life we wish for, not the one we have. And those male fantasy commercials where he buys her that special piece of jewelry for Christmas and she immediately falls into his arms for a night of amazing sex. PLEASE.  Talk about nice for a price!!

I admit, when Mike and I first met, we had a lot of fun going out to buy our first tree together. We were so happy to have someone to share the holiday with after years of nobody.  But now, a few years later, it all seems so crass. It has turned into a gigantic bother. The tradition has soured.

I swear if Jesus could come back and see what’s being done in his name, he would probably slit his wrists. It has really turned UGLY out there, with so many grumpy, pushy people from advertisers to store clerks to “holiday” parking lots. It is embarrassing how out of control this mess has become.

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