Let's Give Doris Day An Award

Posted November 27, 2011 10:41 PM

“Doris Day’s career — her ‘image’ — if you will — has been one of the most grievously misinterpreted in Hollywood history. Miss Day, at her peak, was certainly a female role model with more independent grit and genuine feminist virtues than she is ever given credit for.”

That’s how some writer named Liz Smith opens a big article in the current issue of Q magazine, saluting the great actress, singer and star, Doris Day.

Those of you who know Miss Day’s movies can make up your own minds if I’ve done the lady justice. I tried to point out that her screen career was far from the inaccurate caricature that evolved after “Pillow Talk” — that of the “eternal virgin.” Doris onscreen was sexy, independent, hard-working, nobody’s fool and very much interested in men. (Did you know that Doris was the first woman onscreen to pilot an out-of-control aircraft to safety, in the thriller “Julie?”)

But my words aside, Q has put together a smashing photo layout. Page after page of DD in all her various modes — from super-wholesome to ultra-glam. The team at Q, starting with editors Chris and Elizabeth Meigher, sure know how to pay homage to the screen’s great ladies. (If you’d like to order a copy of this lush magazine tribute to Doris, visit questmag.com .)

When, oh when, will Doris receive her long-overdue honorary Academy Award?

Liz Smith is a native-born Texan who used to go to the Fred Astaire-Gingers movies during the Depression and yearn for the bright lights of Broadway. She arrived in New York in 1949 with $50 to her name and no ticket home. She had finally found the center of things and had no choice but to succeed. As the star columnist of the New York "Daily News," she created an overnight sensation. Then there was her concurrent 11-year stint on NBC-TV's "Live At Five." Her daily column can now be read on www.wowowow.com, in "Daily Variety" and in syndication. 



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