How to Improve Your Memory

Take this test developed by Mark Channon, founder of Memory School who says an effective program to improve your memory has to fit your learning style. 1. Think back to your childhood memory. What sticks out most in your mind?a. Images of the things you saw b. A conversation you had c. What you felt that day 2. When getting a new mobile phone do youa. Read the instructions b. Ask someone how it works c. Press the buttons and see what happens! 3. When reading a novel, do youa. See the scenes as if watching a movie b. Hear the dialogue c. Imagine yourself as the main character 4. How do you usually deal with problems?a. Write it down to get a clear picture b. Find someone you can talk it through with c. Run through it in your until you come to a solution which feels right 5. What's the most important trait in a partnera. Grooming b. If they listen to you c. Whether they make you laugh 6. What do you say mosta. I see what you mean b. I hear what you're saying c. I know how you feel 7. If you are in a group of people and someone is hogging the conversation, do you find yourselfa. Daydreaming about what fun you could be having b. Humming the latest tunes or whispering to others c. Shifting around in the hope they will get the hint 8. Think about what you did yesterday, what comes to mind
a. Pictures b. Words c. Feelings 9. When stopping someone to ask for directions do youa. See the streets in your mind as they are explaining b. Listen to the directions and try to repeat them back c. You don't stop, you know it's around here somewhere 10. What makes information memorable for youa. Taking notes or drawing diagrams b. Listening to someone explain and talking it through c. Running it through in your mind and practicing Mostly A's Youre a visual learner!You have great visual perception and your creative skills are boundless. With a natural ability to spark off folks imaginations, you can make anything memorable. Capitalize on your excellent visual skills, create images to represent information, exaggerate them so they stand out in your mind Mostly B's Youre an auditory learner!You are a great listener, communicator and usually better at remembering names than most. People are drawn to you because of this. Work on your visual and kinaesthetic skills and the possibilities are endless. When learning something new, tell someone what you have just read or repeat the information aloud. Mostly C's Youre a kinaesthetic learner!Youre not big on listening but youre learning style is full on. You like to jump right in and see what happens. You love to experience things. Once youve learned something it usually stays learned for a long time. When youre memorizing try and get your emotions involved this will make the information really stick out in your mind. Memory Tip for Everyone

Use this simple technique to memorize 10 items in under 60 seconds. You are going to imagine each item associated to a different part of your body.

-If you are visual, really see the images in your mind.

-If you are auditory repeat the words aloud while visualizing.

-If you are kinaesthetic stand up and imagine throwing the items on your body!

Imagine eggs on your feet, the yolk dripping in between your toes. Sticky tape is tying your knees together. Youre throwing ketchup over your thighs. A cucumber is on your back. A gigantic watch is tied around your waist like a belt. Someone throws ice-cubes over your chest. Bread is growing out of your neck. Cereal is dripping down your face. Your hair is made of spaghetti. There are hundreds of sausages on the ceiling.

Now look at each part of your body and see how much you remember!

Robin Westen writes about health for national magazines.

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