Is That Click In My Knee Normal?

My knee clicks loudly whenever I bend it but I don't have any pain. Is that normal?

If your knees click lightly on a regular basis but they aren't painful, there's probably no cause for worry, but if they're as noisy as say, someone typing on a keyboard, it could be an indication of a serious orthopedic problem. "The snapping sound a knee makes but is not associated with any pain is called crepidous,' explains John Martinez, PT, owner of Therapy Experts, PLLC in New York City ( "It's caused by a tendon, ligament or some other soft tissue moving over a bone or other hard surface."

Issues arise when the soft tissue begins having real difficulty sliding over the bone and the knee joint begins to catch and wear down causing inflammation, swelling and pain. "The effect is much like rubbing your finger against a wall over and over again," Martinez says. He also notes that if the problem is due to knees that are misaligned, they can be gently readjusted back into position by the appropriate medical expert such as a physical therapist. Even if your clicky knees don't feel irritated, Martinez says it's a good idea to visit an orthopedist for an evaluation and if necessary, treatment.

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