New Book: Diana Was A Bad Mother

Was Diana Mentally Ill?


Although Diana, Princess of Wales was idolized by millions and caused a global outpouring of grief after her death, she was an occasionally careless mother who appears to have been “mentally ill,” according to a new book.

The allegations, probably the most startling ever made about the “People’s Princess,” appear in “Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King,” which is scheduled to hit bookstores next month—only a few weeks before William turns 30.

The author, well-known royal writer Penny Junor, has been called “vile” and “evil” for criticizing Diana in public, she told the “Daily Mail” newspaper in an interview. But she insists Diana’s imperfections were real and substantive. “What the public saw of her,” she said, “was very different to what her family saw. She was unstable and difficult to live with.”

Junor, who has been regarded as a partisan of Prince Charles, Diana’s ex-husband, told the newspaper that Diana was unable to be a good mother because her own mother had abandoned her when she was six years old. “And she had a serious mental illness, “ Junor maintains, referring to Diana’s bouts with bulimia.

But while Diana’s eating disorders have already been widely reported, Junor offers a new anecdote of Diana’s bad parenting:  Before the infamous 1995 television interview in which she talked about her husband’s infidelity, she told her son he would be proud of her—despite insistence from William’s schoolmaster that she provide a fuller explanation. As a result, Junor said, William, then 13, watched the interview without fully understanding what it would be about—and was devastated. 
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