Stay smart and get smarter: Find out about the state of your brain fitness; do some exercises to improve your mental might, and learn how to prevent strokes, migraines and more.

Brain Fitness Tips

Four Foods That Can Improve Your Memory It’s common to worry about losing your memory. Aging naturally means losing brain cells, but research has shown that eating certain foods can help improve memory.  Chances are, you’re already eating some foods that are helping to improve your memory. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are all components of a healthful diet,...Read more

Brain Fitness How To

woman with a headache
How to Cure Headaches Im hunched over my computer, feeling tense because of a huge impending work deadline. As I click away at my keyboard, I occasionally stop to stretch or refuel with a java fix. At days end with a flourish of satisfaction, I email the file to my editor. But two hours later, while reading the morning newspaper, I feel a familiar dull pain behind my...Read more

Brain Fitness Games

memory loss
Memory Loss? Memory Games Can Help Maybe you dont have any wonder.Memory is crucial to every aspect of our lives, but all of us experience times when memory fails us, often embarrassingly. And some people claim they can never remember a name or a face.Although researchers are gaining knowledge of the psychological and physiological bases of memory formation and retrieval its really...Read more
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