Celebrities That Have Survived Breast Cancer

  • Sheryl Crow

    Amidst the hustle and bustle, it's only natural to stop and think, "All I want to do is have some fun," especially if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2006, Sheryl Crow was treated for breast cancer. After she had minimally invasive surgery, she underwent radiation therapy; and, she has been free of cancer ever since. Crow said the brave women who had already survived cancer inspired her.

  • Edie Falco

    One woman associated with bravery is Edie Falco, an American actress who starred as Tony Soprano's wife on the HBO television drama series, Sopranos. Although Falco was lucky to receive a lead role in the successful television drama, she had to battle breast cancer during the fourth season of the series in 2003. She's said that having cancer made her reprioritize; and, she became a mother after adopting a baby boy in 2005.

  • Olivia Newton John

    Another well-known actress who survived breast cancer is Olivia Newton John, best known for being John Travolta's heartthrob in the ever so popular movie musical, Grease. Not only did she sing her way through the movie, but she is also a four-time Grammy award winner for her own music. In 1992, shortly after she released the Back to Basics album, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After having a radical modified mastectomy, she has been without cancer for 14 years.

  • Betsey Johnson

    Contrary to the women mentioned, designer Betsey Johnson chose not to disclose her battle with breast cancer. Johnson did not want her business to be negatively affected by the media. After being diagnosed in 1999, Johnson underwent a lumpectomy, followed by radiation therapy in 2000. Johnson definitely shares one thing in common with the other women; they all are breast cancer activists who are working to fight this battle.

  • Melissa Etheridge

    Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge is tied to Johnson due to also having had a lumpectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. On a positive note, Etheridge was nominated for a Grammy while going through chemotherapy. After completing chemotherapy, she courageously accepted the invitation to sing a tribute in honor of Janis Joplin despite the fact that she was bald due to cancer. Her performance had a positive impact upon the national television audience. Etheridge had hoped it might comfort other women, creating a union among so many who face the same obstacle.

  • Robin Roberts

    Following Etheridge in the battle to beat breast cancer was Robin Roberts, co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America. Roberts was diagnosed in 2007. She made an announcement to the public during a live broadcast. While undergoing chemotherapy, Roberts continued to work on the show, eventually wearing a wig due to hair loss. Once she finished therapy, she was able to remove the wig, as seen on an episode of Nightline in which she tells the world about her personal experience with breast cancer.

  • Shirley Temple Black

    Luckily, it has gradually become conventional to discuss one's diagnosis with friends and family, or to allow the media to share news with the public. Openly speaking about breast cancer, or any hardship that mankind must go through, is essential in order to create awareness, support, and solutions. Shirley Temple Black, the former beloved child star, was one of the first public figures to openly speak about breast cancer. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1972, she had a modified radical mastectomy and has been cancer-free since. Perhaps her health is due to carrying an "optimistic" attitude.

  • Carly Simon

    Trying to stay positive while overcoming breast cancer is extremely important. After all, Einstein said the imagination "is the preview of life's coming attractions." Perhaps singing "I Haven't Got Time for the Pain" in 1974 helped singer-songwriter Carly Simon defeat breast cancer after being diagnosed in 1998. After having a mastectomy, Simon spent time during her recovery to write the autobiographical album The Bedroom Tapes.

  • Cynthia Nixon

    Speaking of the bedroom . . . actress Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda in the HBO series Sex and the City, was treated for breast cancer in 2006. Similarly to Johnson, Nixon was not comfortable with disclosing the news to the public until she was cancer-free in 2008. Nixon chose to announce her battle against breast cancer on Good Morning America. Thereafter, she became an Ambassador for Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

  • Peggy Fleming

    Actors, musicians, one journalist, and a designer have all shared the same life-altering experience: breast cancer. An additional public figure who can relate to this eclectic mix of women is Peggy Fleming, Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater. Fleming won a gold metal in 1968; thereafter, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. Similar to the other courageous women, Fleming survived beast cancer and lives a healthy life as a breast cancer activist.

  • Christina Applegate

    Christina Applegate is best known for her role as America's favorite dim witted daughter Kelly Bundy. But in August 2008, Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Thankfully, because they found it early, it was able to be treated. She had a double masectomy in August 2008 and has been cancer free ever since. Applegate was able to continue working her normal work schedule on "Samantha Who" while undergoing the treatments to remove the cancer. She then went on for the following eight months with reconstructive surgeries, and was able to fully recover. Currently, the actress is expecting her first child which is due at the end of the year.

    *Photo credit to startracksphoto.com