Is it normal for my breasts to always be sore?
Soo this started a cople of months ago. My boobs whould be sore before my period, and during my period. Then they started to be sore alll the time. It's starting to get really annoying. Ive had my period for about four year and my cup size is 34d but lately I feel like they've gotten smaller. Could the soreness be from shrinking and if they are shrinking can I stop it? Also I randomly get sharp pain in my boobs. Could this be something serious? Also breast cancer does not run in my family and scince I'm 16 I doubt I have that. Thankyou for anyone that can help.
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Ok well my girl friend has the same thing. She's 25 and about a week before her period her breast gets sore. Mainly her nipples which are usualy hard and tender. Then it goes away after her period is over. So I would say yes thats normal but then again im obviously no expert.Hope I helped somewhat. Good luck
you're fine...You get lots of cramps,Pains,Sores, etc before your period.It's period pain,NOT breast cancer.Try a new type of bra.Different types of fabrics,cotton,silk,etc. Sometimes the silky ones can make it feel that way.Don't worry about it.
It's perfectly normal for your breasts to be sore, unfortunately. I'm 20 and I'm still have some pain in my breasts. I hate the sharp pains, they really hurt. Don't be worried, your breasts are still developing so you've got a while to deal with all of it. It's also normal for them to hurt before, during and after your period, another unfortunate occurrence. As I said, I'm experiencing the same things and I'm several years older, and the same cup size. It's just a part of becoming a woman.
If your body is still growing your breasts will feel tender and bruised sometimes.Thats because underneath your breasts you have small buds and muscle which grow as you grow.The aching, tender feeling should settle down as you grow older.If you find the pain doesn't stop or if you find any changes in your breast talk with a doctor straight away.Infact ask an older relative or friend if they can show you how to check your breasts anyway, as females SHOULD check their breasts every month so they get to know their body and any changes due to the high occurance of breast cancer.before you start worrying the symptoms you have said do not sound serious at all.. I really think its just the body changing as your going through puberty and growing up.
U may like to try taking a dose of a Homeopathic remedy called PLumbum Metallicum 30c and see if that helps. This remedy is known in help in such actual or perceived reduction and shrinking in the size of body parts accompanies by Sharp pains. It just might help you as well

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